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Monday, March 2, 2015

My Favorite Drugstore... Facial Scrub

L'Oreal Paris 360 Scrub

Alt Tag Loreal Paris

First Impressions

With all honesty, I bought this product on a whim. I had time to kill, it was cheap, I had some money, it looked unique, and in the end I walked out of Walmart with a pretty full basket of drugstore products that I didn't really need. I was actually pretty excited to try this because the idea of the antibacterial silicone brush sounded pretty unique, and I know in department stores they can cost upwards of $100. This product on the other hand, was only $5.

First Time Using

I did exactly what the directions told me, wetting the brush and squirting on a blob of product. (After getting over the optical illusion that comes with wetting the brush) and instantly I noticed that the product smelled like mangoes. I personally LOVE the smell of mangoes, so that was a plus for me. But I wouldn't recommend it to people who are sensitive to smells. As I swirled it onto my face, I completely fell in love with the brush. The soft bristles massaged and exfoliated, and I felt like my face was actually getting clean. I was instantly in love with this product.

Over The Next Two Weeks

I used it everyday for the next two weeks. You got it! EVERY. DAY. The formula was gentle enough to use on my sensitive skin on a daily basis, and I just loved it! My skin never got irritated, and it was soft and glowing overtime. In the end, I would officially dub this my ALL TIME FAVORITE drug store scrub! I completely fell in love!

Final Ratings:

Price: A+
Texture: A+
Smell: A+
Size: A+
Applicator: A++

Overall Rating: A+

Have a wonderful day my Sparkles! - Savvy Rose

P.S., you can buy this product here at lorealparisusa.com

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