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Friday, July 24, 2015

OMG, Check out this fabulous sale from Benefit!

Okay, so I was online the other day, browsing through my many, many, (many) fashion and makeup related emails. Then suddenly, I opened this one from Benefit Cosmetics. And OMG, I am all for sales, but this one was like,

I mean I am talking up to 60% OFF

So I just wanted to let you guys all know about this super duper ooper mega really awesome sale going on because you're able to get a lot of great products for a super affordable price! Many of their makeup sets are on sale as well.

You can check it out by following this link here!

Hope you guys are able to get some super awesome stuff before the sale is over. Some of the items on sale are posted below! :)

Glamouriety Set $15 $12

glamouriety set

Sugarbomb Ultra Plush Lipgloss $16 $8

sugarbomb ultra plush

Some Kind-A Gorgeous Foundation Faker $30 $21

Benefit Cosmetics - some kind-a gorgeous #benefitbeauty

Real Tease Mascara & Liner Set $22 $14
Benefit Cosmetics - REAL tease #benefitbeauty

Hope you have the chance to check it out before it's over! Here's the link again: click

Have a fabulous day my Sparkles!

- Savvy Rose